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  • Ciutat, 18
    Artà, Mallorca (Isla) 07570
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Ciutat, 18
Artà, Mallorca (Isla) 07570


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Los Franceses - The French Family

We are a five persons group and we are french.
We went to this restaurant during Arta fest.
The boss treated us as shit :
- 8,90 euros for 3 pieces of mozzarella and 4 of tomatoe.
- Salads with hard and uneatable pieces of duck and beef.
- A service like Guantanamo with a frankeinstein face
- Non respect of prices (extra 6 euros for 5 pieces of bread and olives not ordered)
- at last, a violent argument when we wrote our bad opinion on his golden book. He tears off the pages so we almost fought.

The only reason : we are french.
So if you are french, or if you want to eat good french food (or simply eat well or be well traeted) go away from this site, and prefer a spanish restaurant you can find all along the street.

Publicado el 11/08/2008.
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This opinion have a problem...This people thinks wrong... This is not a french place... the only french is the name! "Cafe Parisien" This name have a history in this place, but is not for the food. It's a Majorcan place, and during Arta fest, the price change, depend of the fest day. "frankeinstein face ?"... sorry, but it´s not true, its only a serious face... or... Is a problem of racism? ...You dont understan the Majorcan face! It´s quiet and serene.

Publicado el 22/08/2008.